We are back fencing in Brockwell Park on Sunday afternoons 2.00-4.00pm (weather permitting). We are hoping to get back indoors at the Brixton Rec. as soon as possible (British Fencing and government regulations permitting). Currently, the space we use is still a storage area for what was a food bank – we are waiting to hear when they can take bookings again.  Please ignore all the dates on the website for now – we will update them as soon as we can. In the meantime, there are 7-8 experienced fencers and about a dozen beginners keen to join us. We’ve met many of you already and you are all very welcome on Sundays in Brockwell Park (at the top of the hill behind the Cafe). We will continue to keep members informed via the club WhatsApp group. And everyone else via the mailing lists. Any questions in the meantime, please get in touch: info@brixtonsabre.com 

discover a whole new world


sabre fencing in south london

experienced coach

Our coach, Paolo, brings dynamic energy to our sessions. He has an Italian accent but we’re trying to get him to speak like David Bowie. He makes us fight each other… which is kind of the reason we’re all here.

Sport & friends

 We love to fence. We also like hanging out together. We’re a mixed bunch (55% women: 45% men and proud of it). We’re actors, journalists, care workers, analysts, software and UX engineers, barristas, students and teachers.

spacious venue

We fence in the ground floor hall of the Better Gym, Brixton Recreation Centre. That means we have room to train, and there are showers and changing rooms. It’s right next to Pop Brixton, so you’ll often see us there after fencing on a Tuesday night.

south london’s only specialist sabre Club

Brixton Sabre is south London’s only specialist sabre club. Our coach, Paolo Gattavari (still in his 20s), ex Italian U23 sabre fencer, gives one-to-one sabre lessons and runs sabre courses for beginners.

We’re a group of mixed ability sabre fencers – from beginners to veteran internationals – who got together to offer South London’s only dedicated sabre nights. We welcome any sabre fencers who want to join us for one-off sessions (we have several regular visitors who come each month) or become a member.  We train every week on Tuesday nights and also compete in national and international competitions.

We welcome beginners so don’t worry if you’ve never fenced before. You don’t need to buy equipment. Just tell us you want to try it out and we’ll show you the basics in a fully insured beginners’ course.

We’re in Brixton Recreation Centre (SW9 8QQ) right beside Brixton tube and rail stations from 7.30pm-9.30pm on Tuesday nights.

Real fencing, real fast

fence in brixton. Fun. ESPECIALLY SABRE.

Key Dates:

Members & Visitors

We fence in three terms each year. Each term is between 11 and 14 weeks.

2020 Autumn Term: Sept 8th – Dec 8th
(14 Sessions)

2021 Spring Term: Jan 5th – March 30th (13 Sessions)

2021 Summer Term: Apr 20th – July 13th (13 Sessions)

Beginners Courses

We run only one course each term so places are limited. Don’t miss out. Reserve your spot now.

2020 Autumn Term: Oct 6th – Nov 24th

2021 Spring Term: Jan 26th – March 16th

2021 Summer Term: May 11th – July 29th

Try Before You Buy

We only run two or three introduction nights a term. So if you fancy a taster session, better book now.

2020 Autumn Term: Sept 22, 29 , Dec 1st

2021 Spring Term: January 12, 19, March 23rd

2021 Summer Term: April 27 and May 4


LEARN IN just 8 weeks


£90 for an 8-week course.


Tuesday, 7.30-9.00pm


Male and female beginner sabreurs, 16+


All equipment and insurance provided (wear tracksuit bottoms)

Why fencing?


When you take up fencing, you’re not taking up any old sport. It takes a certain mindset and a way of thinking to face an opponent on the piste. Creative, energetic and fully engaging, fencing is an Olympic sport unlike any other.


The tip of a sabre sword is the second fastest thing in sport after a speeding bullet – dodging it can be tricky.


The clothing is specially designed to keep you safe and protected. And the mask is specially designed to protect your head, face and neck.


When you fence, you have to outwit your opponent. Think ahead, plan and play. A bit like chess, but moving fast… with a sword.

Brixton Testimonials

I started fencing a few months ago and already I am addicted. I thought It would take ages to learn the basics but I was holding a sword and fencing in my first session. I tell everyone I meet that they have to try it.


We set up Brixton Sabre to try and shake off fencing’s stuffy image and encourage more people to take up one of the world’s most exciting sports. There’s nothing like this south of the river.

I was given a fencing course as a present by my wife and I enjoyed it from the first session. It makes you move and think on your feet. I’ve found that we’re able to bring new people in and that helps keep us all on our toes.


Pricing Plans

We run ongoing beginners courses and you can also drop in and fence as a one off session if you have experience. If you fence regularly, join us! Over 20% discount for major benefit claimants, students and OAPs.

What You Get

As a member of British Fencing, Brixton Sabre is fully insured to coach beginners. After your beginner course, you can join British Fencing on their free 90 day Intro membership.

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Competitive Fencing




1:1 Coaching



club Access




1:1 Coaching

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Group Coaching

Try-Before-You Buy


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